Nutriwish Super Nut Butter 250G


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About the Product

Get super strong and super immune with some super nut butter! Known to reduce weight, stabilize blood sugar, protect cells and even fight against colon cancer, nut butter is packed with plenty of nutrients to ensure maximum health, happiness and comfort! Go nuts with some super nut butter from Nutriwish and enjoy its nutritional benefits. Nut Butter from Nutriwish is presented to you in its healthiest form with no added oil, no added sugar, no added salt and no added preservatives. Each Nut Butter product is made with 100% whole nuts.


40%California Almonds, 20%Cashewnuts, 10%Hazelnut, 10%Pumpkin, 10%Flax seed, 10%Chia seed

  1. High in protein, fiber and healthy unsaturated fats
  2. Contains a generous amount of magnesium, iron and vitamin E
  3. Consists of chia seed butter and flaxseed butter-both excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids
  4. Reduces hunger and helps in weight management


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