Nutting Else Cajun Spice Cashew Nuts 250G


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Cajun Spice Cashew Nuts oven roasted with no added oil from Nutting Else, will give you the protein you need to significantly boost metabolism and increase the number of calories you burn. Give a nutty to your fitness regimen with Cajun Spice Cashew Nuts. Whether you are running, lifting weights, or trying to gain muscle Cajun Spice Cashew Nuts will promote muscle growth while keeping your taste buds wanting more. Apart from protein that you can convert to enviable muscles, cashew nuts will also provide iron, manganese, and magnesium that are important for vital functions such as immune response, proper gastrointestinal process, and body temperature regulation. Your bone density – important for Instagram selfies with you holding weights – is actively benefitted with our latest yummy comfort food offering, Cajun Spice Cashew Nuts. There is more! We know exercise is not enough. One must stay away from unhealthy food too. The protein we serve reduces food craving and the subsequent late-night trips to the fridge. We have the science to back us up here. So next time when you sit down for a meal, garnish the food with Cajun Spice Cashew Nuts for a power lunch like no other!


Cashew nuts, Cajun Spice mix, Acacia gum, Himalayan Pink Salt


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