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Our new single-serve Easy Pour sachets make brewing speciality coffee more convenient than ever before. You don’t need equipment, just a couple of minutes to make great tasting, craft coffee at your desk or home. Each sachet contains a filter that is filled with ground coffee from our partner farms, which is nitrogen-flushed and sealed to preserve flavour. Place the filter on your cup using the side anchors to hold it in place. Slowly pour water in the filter two to three times to make yourself great-tasting coffee, without any compromise on quality! Each Easy Pour box contains 10 sachets. Our mixed bag contains a range of single-estate coffees, roasted from light to dark, so you can try them all. The Nachammai Estate is a light roast that makes a fruity and zesty cup while Vienna is a dark roast that’s bitter and bold. In the middle range, Thogarihunkal Estate is a fruity medium roast and the Attikan Estate is medium-dark that packs a nutty, chocolatey punch! 

  • Great tasting coffee anytime: single-serve sachets – 100% arabica – just pour hot water. 
  • Easy to use: simply tear, place and pour hot water for a great-tasting brew. Fresh: nitrogen-flushed to preserve flavour. 
  • Content: each easy pour box contains 10 sachets of the 4 coffee variants. 


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