Vann Mantra Jasmine Blossom- Jasmine Tea, 25 Tea Bags

Premium Jasmine Tea (25 tea bags of 1.5g each)


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About this Product

  • Soothing Jasmine Taste
  • Its sweet aroma will uplift your mood
  • Improves metabolism
  • It is rich in antioxidants
  • Comes with a free eco-friendly Bamboo tong!

A blend of green tea and jasmine opens up your palette to enjoy a meal ahead. Jasmine tea is traditionally used as a welcoming gesture for guests because of its mild floral flavor. The light jasmine aroma is relaxing and can aid good metabolism. Jasmine is considered auspicious and sacred in many parts of India, where women adorn the flowers in their hair for good luck and as a symbol of purity. The aromatic smell of jasmine can help one be more focused and induce a calm, dewy feeling. This powerful scent has enticed people from far and wide to consume the tea daily. This blend, will make you feel like you’ve just taken a walk in a forest full of blossoming jasmine trees; your mood will be lifted and your senses will feel tingled.
Comes with a free eco-friendly Bamboo tong!