Almarai Premium Labneh Cheese, 400g


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Create happy mealtime memories with this creamy full fat labneh. Enjoy it as a sumptuous treat with chips and crudités or use it to thicken and flavour family meals. Labneh (also pronounced as labaneh, lebnah or labne) is a cheese made from salted, strained yoghurt by draining its whey.

It is a staple in most homes and can be sliced in sandwiches, melted on tasty pizzas, dolloped generously in salads or simply cut directly from the block as a snack. It forms by coagulation of the milk protein casein.

Ingredients: Fresh cow’s milk cream, milk solids, salt, thickener (E401,E412), mineral, salt (E339), culture, vitamin D3, min. fat 17%, labneh heat treated after fermentation.