Pure South Bone In Frozen Frenched Lamb Rack Cap ON Rs. 5039 Per KG


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Quality New Zealand’s Lamb Rack are cut to finesse to bring out an incredible taste and tenderness to the meat. The secret of its distinctive flavour and delectability is the free grazing of the lambs on free green pastures. Combined with the natural food and geographically gifted coastline, the lambs are protected while getting all the pure supplements. Cut perpendicularly to spine with 16 ribs, Quality New Zealand’s lamb rack is a must-have.

Extra care is taken to cut the meat and deliver it. The taste is truly outstanding and the meat is tender. Guaranteed to be safe and healthy, the lamb rack is disease free and tested for the presence of toxicity. Quality New Zealand has lambs which are 100% Grass Fed and Hormone Free.

The Rack of Lamb is extracted perpendicularly from the ribs of the animal. Along the spine, the rack includes 16 ribs or chops which are rich in flavour and protein. The produce is generally sold as a single or a double rack of lamb. Due to free grazing, Frenching the ends could leave an impeccable flavour.


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