Aweri Dates Pickle 200 GM


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About this item

  • Our pickle is home-made, has no added sugar, has no added preservatives, is made with less oil. Natural and healthy product for your diet. Nutritious and delicious.
  • Shelf life of the pickle is 12 months. It is naturally preserved using mustard oil. Pickle is packed in PET jar which is re-usable and can be recycled!
  • Enjoy a sumptuous pickle that is made with less oil. Aweri Dates Pickle is the perfect accompaniment to your meals and has a unique, Himachali galgal flavour.
  • Aweri Dates Pickle is a delicious pickle made from fresh dates, with the sourness of hill lemons. The heat of chilies and the sharpness of spices bring out the fresh flavors of this pickle.
  • Aweri Dates Pickle is a sweet, sour, tangy and spicy pickle made from dates. This rich pickle has a homemade taste, with no added sugar or preservatives.


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