Meishi Spicy Teriyaki Sauce, 230g

Country Of Origin: Thailand


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This spicy teriyaki sauce recipe transforms into many forms according to the chief ingredient added to it. So, make this base sauce and add your favorite part to make a new dish. Meishi Spicy Teriyaki sauce helps you to create rich and hot and spice Teriyaki dishes. Just brush the sauce on cooked meat or seafood after grilling or baking for sizzling Teriyaki flavor or simply pour it over steamed or fried rice stir-fry vegetables. Our Meishi Teriyaki Sauce is free from alcohol and is suitable for the Vegetarian and Vegan diet.

Ingredients: Sugar, soy sauce (Soybeans, wheat salt, water), water, chilli, salt, sesame oil, modified starch (INS1442), garlic, flavour enhancer: monosodium glutamate (INS621), disodium 5′ -inosinate (INS631) & disodium 5″ -glanylate (INS627), colour: caramel (INS150c), acidity regulator: acetic acid (INS260), citric acid (INS330), stabiliser: xanthan gum (INS415), paprika extract (INS160c), preservative : sodium benzonate (INS211)