Happy Karma Roasted Pumpkin Seeds 100G


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Looking for some mindful snacking? Our Roasted Pumpkin seeds are your perfect snack partner! Enjoy these healthy seeds, lightly toasted in Rock salt without any extra additives. A rich source of Zinc and Magnesium, Pumpkin seeds are bound to keep you healthy and fit. 

Pumpkin seeds are small packs of valuable nutrients. These seeds are good sources of magnesium, zinc, healthy fats, & antioxidants.

Packed with nutrients and flavors, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds are the best snacking option. Best quality seeds are hand sorted and dry roasted with rock salt to get the perfect crisp and taste. 

Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds :

  • It may improve Healthy Heart
  • It may help improve Sleep
  • It may improve Diabetes
  • It may improve Kidney Stone 
  • Reduced risk of certain Cancer 
  • Full of valuable Nutrients
  • Good for Hair Health, Grow, Shining

 How to eat Roasted Pumpkin Seeds? ( How to use it? )

Pumpkin seeds work with a sweet flavor. So you can use it in many dishes that make your mouth watering.
If you need crunchiness in your salad, Pumpkin seeds are the perfect addition.
You can try them in bread. 
Add pumpkin seeds in trail mix to make perfect afternoon snacks.
You can even add them to yogurt, pancakes, etc.


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