Geo Fresh Organic Psyllium Whole Husk 100G


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Geo Fresh Organic Psyllium Husk (Isabgol) is the purest form available. It is a natural laxative enriched with insoluble fibers. Regular intake helps in maintaining regularity and gastrointestinal health. It may also reduce the risk of heart diseases by lowering cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

  • Psyllium Whole Husk help draws in and absorbs water as it passes through the gut, making bowel movements easier.
  • It has the ability to curb blood sugar by regulating the release of insulin into the bloodstream. Psyllium helps prevent the onset of diabetes.
  • Packed with dietary fiber, these capsules create a feeling of fullness which is important for people looking down to lose weight. It can keep energy levels up without adding on the pounds.
  • Known to be a laxative, it effectively detoxifies the body cleansing out the gastrointestinal system, and is beneficial for overall gut health.
  • The fiber present in Organic Psyllium Whole Husk can help lower the risk of heart disease. It helps lower blood pressure, improves lipid levels, and strengthening the heart muscle.


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