Sapphire Choco-Chip Butter Cookies, 400g


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Chocolate lovers will be conquered with the flavors of rich cocoa. Every bite is packed with Semi-Sweet Choco-Chips and it is usually hard to stop at two, or three of these. The warmth from the Choco-Chip cookies melts in your mouth and the bliss of Choco-Chips stands permanently engraved on your tongue. Don’t hesitate to steal the show with these sweet treasures, or even have them all alone!

Made with the Original Danish Recipe using the Finest blend of Choicest Ingredients and High-Quality Choco-Chips.
A Reliable Consistency in every bite. The Choco-Chip Cookies are first Crisp and then the Warm flavors of subtle Cocoa Liquify in the mouth.
Pair up great with a glass of Milk. Coffee, Cakes, Milkshakes etc.
Come beautifully enclosed in a Tin Box that is Reusable for Eternity.