Nutriwish Blanched Almond Flakes 125G


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About the Product

Appease your appetite with Nutriwish’s Blanched Almond Flakes. Boiled to the right temperature, shaved to flakes, and roasted and tossed to perfection, Nutriwish Blanched Almond Flakes pacify great appeal and taste. An impressive ingredient for appetizers, side dishes, and fancy desserts, these almond flakes are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Ideal for garnishing cakes and cookies; roast and toss in couscous; sprinkle on apple pie before baking; roast and mix into salads.
  1. Rich source of antioxidants and magnesium
  2. Extremely high in Vitamin E
  3. Helps in weight management by controlling hunger prangs
  4. Good source of protein and fiber
  5. Promotes good digestive health


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