Kinmikan Hon Mirin Seasoning Sauce 1.8L


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  • The mirin gives the dishes it seasoned a golden color with a “lacquered” effect of the most appetizing – remarkable in teriyaki, while communicating their fruity-complex aroma and a finely sweet flavor.
  • Use : The mirin is used for both grilled and boiled dishes, sauces and broths. It is also an ingredient incorporated in salad dressings and some Japanese cakes.
  • It is made with fermented baked glutinous rice with brandy (distilled sake called shoshu).
  • Give your Japanese cooking the boost it needs with this bottle of pure mirin rice wine! An essential ingredient in teriyaki, yakitori, and other Japanese dishes, this mirin is one of the most useful ingredients for the pantry of any budding Japanese chef.


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