Meishi Yakisoba Sauce, 230g

Country Of Origin: Thailand


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Make authentic Japanese yakisoba noodles at home with Meishi yakisoba sauce. Our yakisoba sauce is the perfect combination of savory and sweet, packed with umami flavor to bring out the flavour in your Yakisoba Noodles, or you can even use as a marinade for beef or pork, or a barbecue sauce substitute. Great for all diets, Meishi yakisoba sauce is vegan.
Yakisoba Sauce is a popular Japanese street food sauce that’s great for grilled noodles and stir-frys. This combination of sweet and savory sauce can be used for dipping and marinating.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, tomato paste, salt, onion, modified starches (INS1422, 1422), Spices, Solor: Caramel (INS150c), flavour enhancer: monosodium glutanate (INS621), disodium 5′-inosinate (INS631) & disodium 5′ – guanlate (INS627), Yeast, vinegar, acidity regulator: citric acid (INS330), preservative : sodium benzonate (INS211)
Meishi Yakisoba Sauce is perfect for making home-made yakisoba noodles! Simply add Yakisoba Sauce over noodles and stir-fry for a minute. Enjoy Yakisoba noodles as you please – on their own or topped with seaweed and green onions!