Meishi XO Sauce, 230g

Country Of Origin: Thailand


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Meishi XO sauce is full of flavor, mainly due to the concentrated taste of the dried shallot (small red onions). It offers some spice along with the rich taste of umami and is an amalgamation of flavors, including sweet, smoky, and salty. This is a condiment that will dominate a dish with its intense taste. XO Sauce is hong Kong style spicy sauce for seafood, stir-frys, and BBQs. Serve with deep-fried dishes or use to glaze or marinate dishes for barbecues. Your food becomes a lot more tastier and for the people who love spicy food, here is a go getter for you all! Our Meishi XO sauce is made without adding artificial colours or preservatives. Meishi XO sauce can be used as a table condiment or in cooking to enhance the flavour of fish, meats, vegetables, and otherwise bland foods such as tofu or noodles.

Ingredients: Sugar, water, garlic, shallot (small red onions), soyabean oil, chilli, salt, acidity regulators: acetic acid (INS260), citric acid (INS330), flavour enahancer: monosodium glutamate (INS621), disodium 5″ -inosinate (INS631) & disodium 5′ – guanylate (INS627)