The Whole Truth 55% Dark Chocolate, 80g

no added sugar – no stevia – no maltitol – no erythritol – no added flavour – no preservatives – no false claims – no half-truths


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Not so dark you can’t see the light. Not so light you can’t feel the dark. Deep, luscious, bitter-yet-sweet – this chocolate is what twilight feels like, when it melts in your mouth.

The Whole Truth 55% Dark Chocolate is a dark chocolate made with only real ingredients, rich and creamy with a deep, complex flavour. The best part? It’s sweet! Sweetened with dates and no additional sugar, this is the best treat you can give yourself. The Whole Truth has taken your classic favourite and turned it into a gourmet experience. This dark chocolate is good enough to bring to the table and better than other dark chocolates. With the addition of fresh cocoa beans, this bar is sweetened only with dates, making it one of many healthier options for your next sweet treat. This dark chocolate is melt-in-your-mouth good. Each bite is rich and sweet, with a delicious taste of roasted cocoa beans and dates. Explore the whole range of delicious tasting Chocolates by The Whole Truth ranging from Orange flavoured dark chocolate to quinoa-flavoured crunchy milk chocolate.

cocoa —————————55%
dates —————————-45%