The Whole Truth Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, 80g

no added sugar – no stevia – no maltitol – no erythritol – no added flavour – no preservatives – no false claims – no half-truths


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It’s the way the little bursts of sea salt draw out all the notes of cocoa. As you realize that bitter, sweet and salty weren’t supposed to be together. And yet, here they are. An unlikely trio, dancing in the dark. Dancing, in your heart.

The Whole Truth Sea Salt Dark Chocolate is the perfect combination of salt, sweet and chocolate. Each bar contains dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt and is sweetened with dates. A delicious combination of salty and sweet that you’ll want to indulge in again and again. Experience the luxury taste of a real chocolate bar with this rich and creamy dark chocolate bar. The delicious taste is enhanced by the sea salt and sweetened dates. This is a healthy treat that is full of antioxidants and no added preservatives, so you can feel that guilt later.

cocoa ————————— 70.6%
dates —————————- 28.6%
sea salt ———————— 0.8%