Sol Paella Rice, 1kg

Country Of Origin: Spain



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About this item

– Paella rice are medium- short grained rice with a high starch content so that it sticks together somewhat, but can still be easily separated. This exquisiterice absorbsliquid and flavour without loosing texture.
– Preparing one of the best known dishes in the Spanish cuisine just got 1 step easier. The key to a great paella lies in the rice. – This premium Paella rice from Spain is the perfect addition to your pantry for when you decide to bring Spanish cuisine to the dinner table.
– This short-grain rice expands lengthwise and absorbs up to three times more liquid than traditional rice, making it more flavorful while maintaining a firm and delicious cooked texture.
– You can make a delicious, authentic Paella–the most popular dish of Spain in your own kitchen with simple ingredients like Sol Pella rice, saffron, vegetables, chicken, and seafood. If you love cooking International food, you will fall in love with this comforting dish!
– Serves 4, Preparation time 30min.