Riscossa Capelli D’Angelo Pasta, 500g

Country Of Origin: Italy


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Capelli d’angelo (literally “angel hair”) is a very thin type of long pasta, similar to spaghetti in length, it is also known as angel hair pasta or capellini. The origins of Capelli d’Angelo, with their evocative name (Angel Hair) and light consistency, It is one of the thinnest types of long pasta wound into a nest shape. Capelli d’Angelo are a type of pasta which is ideal with broth into which it is broken. Capelli d’Angelo can also be used for pasta dishes served with white sauces, eggs, uncooked butter and cheese. Capelli d’angelo are a long pasta format suitable for broth based recipes for which it is broken unevenly. Since the pasta is so thin, it cooks very quickly, making it a great pasta choice for people who need to prepare pasta in a hurry. As compared to the thicker spaghetti noodle, capelli d’angelo pasta cooks in about two to three minutes when added to rapidly boiling water.