Riscossa Lasagna Riccia Pasta, 500g

Country Of Origin: Italy


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Looking for an original pasta which is a bit different? Lasagna Riccia is a classic pasta. Enjoy an authentic taste of carefully-crafted Italian pasta in every bite! It is often served with sausage and mince in tomato sauce with the addition of ricotta. Meatballs work perfectly too with this. Can be baked or prepared as normal pasta. Riscossa has a beautiful and authentic Italian flavor. Utilizing natural ingredients from the region, this pasta is a family favourite. It keeps its shape and consistency perfectly when cooking and the al dente moment is very forgiving in case you just miss it! Riscossa delivers directly to your home the aromas and flavors of the Mediterranean tradition. All the products we offer are rich in taste and ensure a healthy and balanced diet, as they are prepared using simple and natural ingredients.