Morelli Germi Di Grano Spaghetti 500Gm

Country of Origin: Italy


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Spaghetti originates from Naples in the south of Italy and is most often served with seafood. Spaghetti also works brilliantly with tomato sauces without meat, so ditch the Bolognese and try our Toscana in Tavola Tomato & Basil or Campagnola organic sauces.

Cooking time 8 minutes

Ingredients: Durum Wheat Semolina, Water, Wheat Germ. In order to produce other products the plant also uses egg, fish & shellfish.  

So, who makes this stuff?
Pastificio Morelli has been producing pasta near Pisa since 1860 and is still family run.
Unlike most other pasta, Morelli make theirs using ancient artisan methods and include wheat germ, the heart of the grain, resulting in a unique, healthy and delicious product.


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