Riscossa Orecchiette Grandi, 500g

Country Of Origin: Italy


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The orecchiette are a type of pasta typical of regions Puglia, whose shape is approximately that of small ears, from which it derives its name. Their size is, on average, about 3/4 of a thumb finger, and they appear as a small white dome, with the thinner center of the edge and with a rough surface. Due to the good quality of the pasta, the pasta sauce adheres well to the pasta and your pasta recipe will be even tastier.

Method of preparation : To be consumed after cooking. Cooking time 6-7 minutes Preparation tips: Cook in boiling salted water for the time indicated on the package.
The traditional Riscossa dry pasta, obtained from the grinding of durum wheat and processed according to the traditional method in use since 1902. Available in numerous sizes and ideal for preparing delicious main dishes, pasta sides and soups.
When you think of orecchiette, you can’t help but imagine them paired with turnip greens . If you don’t find the classic Apulian turnip greens, you can also try a good broccoli also them with a meat sauce such as a ragù, or simply with a vegetable-based dressing.

Ingredients : Durum wheat semolina, water.