Riscossa Penne Zite Rigate Pasta, 500g

Country Of Origin: Italy


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Bronze Cut Penne Zite Rigate is a classic Italian pasta that everyone enjoys! The tube shaped pasta allows rich sauces and seasonings to fill the tube, and the ribbed sides catch additional flavor. Penne Zite Rigate Bronze Cut pasta is best suited for oven dishes as well as dry pasta dishes such as pasta salads. Made with 100% durum wheat semolina using traditional bronze dies, this pasta has a rough textured surface which allows it to better capture and hold sauces once cooked. The dies used for extrusion affect the shape, color, and texture of your pasta. By all criteria, bronze dies tend to produce higher-quality pasta noodles. Riscossa pasta maintains the tradition of suberb Italian Pasta as it has 13% protein (most other Italian pasta is 12% or lower), good tenacity and gluten index, good color natural, no additives, Non GMO, no colorant, no preservative and is made from 100% durum wheat selected

Instruction for use: Add Pasta To A Large Pan Of Slightly Salted Boiling Water, Stir And Return To The Boil, Cook About 10-12 Minutes According To Taste Drain And Serve With Your Preferred Sauce.