Native Tongue Mustard Amba Halad Panchphoron 200 Gm


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Ingredients: Yellow & Black Mustard Seeds, Honey, Coconut Vinegar, Panchphoron (nigella seeds, cumin, fennel, fenugreek, radhuni), Himalayan Pink Salt, Mango Ginger (amba halad), Yellow Chilli Powder

Our stone-ground mustard with amba halad or mango ginger is an ode to the traditional Bengali relish Kashundi. An eastern Indian spice blend called panchphoron, along with turmeric notes of mango ginger and a sharp kick from yellow chilli add a complex depth of flavour. The sourness from cashew vinegar and sweetness from honey tie the relish together.

How to use: Use it as a marinade for steamed fish and grilled meats, or as a side to anything deep-fried. It makes for a lovely dressing for a raw mango salad too.


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