Dolce Vita Tricolor Toasted Pearl Couscous, 200g

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About this product

  • Tri-color Toasted Pearl Couscous. Named for its unique shape, Tri-Color pearl couscous (also known as Israeli couscous) includes plain, paprika and spinach is shaped and rolled into tiny balls and then toasted. This allows the product to absorb liquids an
  • Traditional Pearl Couscous is small balls of toasted semolina flour to be enjoyed like pasta or rice and is ready to eat in only 10 minutes.
  • Perfect as a side dish or an easy lunch all on its own, this is one couscous recipe you need to try straight away.
  • Simply saute onions and garlic in olive oil, add the couscous and stir well to coat, and then add broth or stock. Cook, allowing the couscous time to simmer and absorb the liquid, and when it has, add vegetables, herbs and seasonings as desired.
  • To make perfect pearl couscous simply toss with veggies, pesto, pasta sauce, use as a bed for meats or stews, or let it stand alone as a stunning side dish.